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Range summary

NPFC(Narada LiFePO4) series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of applications, such as telecom base station, UPS, renewable energy system, etc., with advanced life, standard size, light weight and strong environmental adaptability…Read more

  • A clutch of design features ensures that AMARON QUANTA batteries perform. predictably and reliably everytime.
  • A unique heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical. environments.
  • Radgrid profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high-discharge performance.
  • Instacharge a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance.
  • Low self-discharge rates for extended storage periods
  • Clean and sleek looks.
AMARON QUANTA – HWS has been designed to exacting standards at our state of the art facility with an emphasis on reliability which is our hallmark. Uniquely built, AMARON QUANTA – HWS promises instant discharge negating the usual downtime in mission critical applications. Besides ensuring faster charging with high efficiency on resumption of power the lower operating costs make AMARON QUANTA – HWS an ideal choice for a host of critical power applications, especially in the IT & ITES segment (DATA centers) and Process industries.
  • Delivers up to 25% more power to support high rate discharge application
  • Lower IR Values results in 10% quick recharge
  • High Volumetric Energy Density, require 10% less space
  • 15% high specific energy results in low floor loading
  • Batteries can sized and discharges up to 1.67EV
AMARON QUANTA – HUPS is a new offering from Amara Raja, backed by 30 years of experience and to suit changing need of customers demand for more cyclic usage from a battery. The product offers higher cyclic life and excels in deep discharge and PSOC operating conditions to deliver enhanced performance. AMARON QUANTA HUPS range of valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed to offer superior solutions for the HUPS Application. These ranges are the latest addition to the highly successful, high power density range from Amaron Quanta batteries. It ensures fast charging with high efficiency on resumption of power.
  • Designed to offer superior solution for HUPS Application
  • Delivers up to 40% more cyclic life
  • Quick Charge Capability
  • High Power Density
  • Low life cycle cost (TCO & ROI)
  • Superior performance in PSOC conditions
  • Low self-discharge
Amaron Quanta S-XEL
Amaron Quanta S-XEL is a source of ‘Uninterrupted Power’ for various core industries. This new generation of Tubular Battery is big in power storage and enduring in performance. As a company that is known for its obsession with its technology, Amara Raja has been behind some of the best innovations in technology that India has seen. Amaron Quanta S-Xel is a fail-safe, foolproof battery, produced and tested in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Built with the highest technical competence in its class, the Amaron Quanta S-XEL is an example of Amara Raja’s commitment to bring the best of its technology. Amaron Quanta S-Xel is the industry’s first product of acid circulation formation process technology amount tubular batteries which enhances the life of the battery.
  • High-Pressure Spine casting (100 Bar) provides uni-directional grains orientation with microhardness extradite superior life.
  • Allow rapid charge & delivers high power. Optimized current dense & higher conductivity leading to last long.
  • Mitigating corrosion prone zone provides high life – Really long
  • Unique wet pasting process, lower resistance to deliver consistent power & low self-discharge
  • Automated cast-on-strap delivers durability & performance
  • Rigid & Integrated terminal connectivity provides sustainable strength
  • Best in class vent design reduces acid spewing, built-in-flame arrestor avoids acid mist exist
  • Industry first acid circulation formation process enhances battery life
Amaron Brute
Amaron Brute is the latest Product offering traction Battery from Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is the 2V High Integrity series from Amaron Hi Life Batteries range in tubular series. Amaron Brute incorporating the cutting edge technology offers an unbeatable value proposition for the most demanding and rugged applications in back-up power for motive power. Amaron Brute is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for motive power applications in harsh outdoor environments.
  • 99.99% Primary lead & 100% red lead in the positive mass, precise & consistent plate weight.
  • Electrolytes with lower specific gravity, high performance of cells with less boost.
  • Patented paste mix on positive & negative plates, significantly reducing water consumption.
  • Gauntlet design – Reinforced non-woven polyester with unique small pores size – no positive active material shedding, no cell shorts & no excess capacity drop.
  • Ultrasonic welding of the bottom bar eliminates active mass shedding & failures, increases longevity of product.
  • Closed loop circular formation enables cell-to-cell performance consistently in a rack.
Amaron Solar
Amaron Solar. The latest offering from the house of Amara Raja to provide power backup solutions for any type of solar power systems. Amaron Solar available in both SMF & Tubular variants.
Amaron Solar Tubular Battery

uniquely built Amaron Solar Tubular Batteries has covered all aspects in design. required to give high life beside to ensure fast charge with high efficiency and best in class went design making it a perfect choice for high cyclic back-up requirement.
  • Hi-coerceTM spine cast High pressure spine casting (> 100 bar) provides uni- directional grains orientation with micro hardness extradite superior life
  • Bountiful BossTM Allows rapid charge & delivers high power. Optimized current dense & higher conductivity leading to last long
  • Panoptic Spine- Mitigates corrosion prone zone, provides high life — Really long
Amaron Solar SMF Battery

Presenting Amaron Solar, the industrial segment SMF Battery for solar applications which is built to perform. Sensing the need of enduring and reliable source of solar power, Amara Raja offers the complete range of batteries for solar systems available in the market.
  • Suitable for PSOC and deep discharge
  • Unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical environments
  • Radgrid™ profile providing lower internal resistance and performance
  • Instacharge™, A pateneted paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance
  • Higher AH and WH Efficiency
Amaron Sleek
Amaron Sleek front terminal batteries are designed with True Front terminals and delivers optimal performance in high temperature conditions and deep cycle usage conditions. Manufactured in world’s largest integrated MVRLA plant having state of the art manufacturing facilities, this range is designed to offer superior performance in all power backup requirements.
  • Design Float life of 12+ years in accordance with Eurobat Classification of Long Life battery
  • Designed to perform in harsh tropical conditions Front terminal batteries with Truly
  • Front Access Terminals
  • Integral dual handles for easy handling & installation
  • Automated State-of-art cast-on strap process ensures consistent High-quality Low electrical resistance welds
  • Automated intercell welding offering low internal resistance
  • Lip & Tongue type Heat Sealing to ensure a leak-proof seal
  • 100% charged when shipped from factory Threaded post copper insert terminals offering high conductivity and torque retention
Amaron Volt
Amaron Volt is the latest product offering from Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is the 2V High Integrity Series from Amaron Hi Life Battery range. Amaron Volt incorporates the cutting edge technology offering an unbeatable value proposition for the demanding applications in back-up power. Amaron Volt is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for critical applications even in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Robustness to core, suiting Outdoor / rural /off – grid / Critical Installations
  • Highest cyclic life, for most competitive Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Substantially higher OPEX savings and Lowers carbon footprint
  • Excels in PSOC operations to suit Demanding application
  • Reliable for maintenance free operation
  • Technology with high energy density
  • Best in class deep Discharge Quick Recharge Characteristics
  • Time tested & High end VRLA Technology For Telecom Networks
  • World Class Aesthetic and User friendliness