ups and power solutions provider in Sri Lanka
ups and power solutions provider in Sri Lanka
ups and power solutions provider in Sri Lanka
ups in sri lanka
Riello Ups
ups and power solutions provider in Sri Lanka
ups and power solutions provider in Sri Lanka
canadian solar
Canadian Solar
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energy storage systems
solar inverters
Bifacial solar panels
Single phase and three phase UPS ranging from 400VA to 6MVA. Single phase applications are Domestic. SOHO etc. Three phase applications are ranging from industry, commercial, data centers and telecom.
Design of power systems for any specific Requirements and development of tailor made systems
Energy Storage Systems
Comprehensive range of batteries for Telecom, UPS, Grid Connection, Renewable Energy industries. Different applications such as Intensive Cyclic, High Temperature, VRL, OPzV, Lithium Iron, Lead Carbon etc are on offer.
Solar Inverters
Three Phase and single phase string inverters for utility, commercial and residential markets with efficiency up to 99.1% and power from 700w to 125KW
Solar Panels
Bifacial solar panels up to 665W, 12 years Product warranty, 30 years liners powerout put warranty. PERC technology

Dusky International The Number ONE Choice For Power Products

Technology today is taking a quantum leap in less than a decade. Electronics and ICT is globally developing at a fast rate where the market demands for a reliable and sustainable power solutions. Being the market leader, our aim is to keep up with the global technological advancements and provide dependable mission critical power solutions to commercial, industry and domestic markets. With the rich industry experience and handling the largest mission critical power projects, Dusky international has gained multi-disciplinary rich industrial experience in all market segments. We boasts the best talents and capabilities to handle any installation irrespective of its complexity, size, geography. We can handle any project from its concept design stage up to testing, commissioning and thereafter to maintain the system throughout its life span.

Country has suffered from low quality renewable energy products and poorly executed installations. We provide world class solar panels and inverters that exceeds its promises in-terms of performance. Our systems and solutions are frequently considered as the industry standards. Market follows the trends we set up. We always believe in uplifting the industry standards keeping up with the latest innovations and
technologies being used in advanced countries. We always transfer our knowledge to system integrators who work closely with the industry.